Дэвид Вердези
Слово автора
Дэвид Вердези
Aнтрополог, ученый, лайф-коуч

I have spent more than 30 years studying spiritual and physical practices around the world.

I studied the concepts of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, kabbalism. Deeply engaged in such disciplines as yoga, kung fu, pranayama, Tantra, qigong. I spent several years in solitary meditations in the mountains. I communicated with monks, shamans, and philosophers.

Along with my travels, I studied anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. As a true scientist, I delved deeply into each of the concepts and compared ancient practices with scientific knowledge, so that now I was able to adapt them to modern life. My travels and discoveries were enough for the entire documentary series «Superhuman», which was produced by the famous Elinor Coppola.

For a long time, my key interest was in human superpowers. I have studied the possibilities of expanding the potential of our body and succeeded in doing so. From this knowledge, I have developed a system of physical mental exercises that take our capabilities far beyond the usual limits.

But over time, I came to the conclusion that super-energy, strength and concentration are not goals, but only steps on the way to achieving the main key task of human life: HAPPINESS.

In the course of my scientific research, I also realized at some particular point that all the great masters I met along the way, and all people with advanced superpowers, consciously or unconsciously apply the same mental principles.

Now I have combined my skills and knowledge to help other people achieve and maintain a state of happiness for a long time. My regular clients include leaders of large organizations around the world, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

My teachings are based not only on theory, but also on constant practice. My students get effective tasks from the first classes, and they really become happier thanks to constant work. Rapid development and take-off in all social spheres is a small and not the only side effect.

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